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Amy H. McAuley: The Leading Child Custody Attorney in Chicago

There’s nothing more important than your children. The time you spend with them is precious, and at McAuley Family Law we believe that your rights that should not be infringed upon or compromised. We understand that child custody proceedings are sensitive and often, stressful. We also understand what is at stake – the right to see and have a relationship with your children. If you need an advocate to fight for what is best for you and your child, look no further; Amy H. McAuley is the child custody attorney in Chicago for you.

We believe custody arrangements should be tailor-made and customized for each individual family. Modern agreements can include shared custody, sole custody or joint custody, for example. Illinois law with respect to allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time drastically changed in 2016. It is important to have an attorney with extensive experience in this area to assist you in negotiating the optimal plan that is personalized for your family. With over ten years of litigation experience in family and child law in both private and public cases ,plus ten years in social services and mental health, Amy McAuley is easily a qualified and expertly skilled child custody attorney in Chicago that you can trust with your children’s future.

Attorney McAuley is passionate about making a difference in the lives of her clients, and is committed to working tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome for your children. Amy genuinely cares about her clients and her compassion is unmatched. Her mission at McAuley Family Law is to best to reach her clients’ goals with the least possible emotional and financial expense. Child custody cases should not be taken lightly or fought alone. You need an experienced litigator to ensure that the best interests of your children are protected. Hiring an experienced child custody attorney in Chicago can make all the difference.

Don’t jeopardize your child’s future. We are ready to help guide you through the legal process. Contact us today for your free consolation.

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