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A divorce, whether agreed or disputed, is an emotionally stressful time for almost everyone. Dividing assets and determining what is best for your family raises a lot of questions and issues, and can quickly become overwhelming. You need someone guiding you through the legal process who has your best interest at heart. Not all divorce attorneys Chicago are the same, but at McAuley Family Law you will receive personalized attention and compassion combined with years of experience and expertise. Before any marriage can be dissolved, all marital property must be divided. This process starts with asset discovery. At McAuley Family Law, we have the experience and litigation skills needed to handle high asset and complex divorces, and will work with you to create an plan that is totally tailored to your individual needs and priorities.

McAuley Family Law: Divorce Attorneys Chicago
Attorney Amy H. McAuley has a unique set of skills and experience the most divorce attorneys Chicago do not possess. Amy is ready to leverage her ten plus years of experience in both private and public sectors of family law to your advantage. Amy also has an additional ten years of experience in mental and social services, which can give you the confidence that McAuley Family Law is more than prepared to take on the most complex of cases. Examples of issues we have resolved in high assets divorces include:

At McAuley Family Law, your best interest and goals are our main focus and top priority. It is our mission to achieve the solution which will leave you and your family in the best possible situation going forward. Unlike some divorce attorneys Chicago, our goal is to achieve a solution with the least possible emotional and financial toll on you and your family. We take the time to make sure that you understand the process and that we understand your unique needs and priorities. We are ready to help guide you through the legal process, and ensure you have the best experience possible under the circumstances.

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