At McAuley Family Law, we know that if you’re looking for a family law attorney Illinois, you are probably faced with some very difficult challenges and circumstances, and are in need of counsel and guidance.  Whether it be a difficult divorce and child custody proceeding or navigating an adoption, we believe that making the right choice when it comes to selecting an attorney to guide you through the legal process is critical to not only the outcome of your case, but also to reaching the best solution for your family and children. Look no further! Our mission is to best to reach our clients’ goals with the least possible emotional and financial expense to you, through skillful negotiation and effective legal strategy.

Focusing on Family Law: Your Family Law Attorney Illinois

At McAuley Family Law,  we are confident that you will find the right combination of personalized, compassionate, and tailored attention, coupled with powerful and skilled legal representation and advocacy.  Our family law attorney Illinois knows that achieving the right solution for your family takes a solid understanding of you and your family, your goals, and your priorities.  It also requires an expert knowledge and understanding of the law. That’s why our practice is devoted entirely and exclusively to family law.  When it comes the law, specialization and experience equals expertise and success. Amy H. McAuley, our family law attorney Illinois, is passionate about and solely focused on family law cases, such as child support and custody, divorce, visitation, and adoptions proceedings. She does not do real estate closings, mortgage foreclosures, estates, or criminal defense.  Family and Child Law is all we do at McAuley Family Law and it is our sole passion and focus.

Unsurpassed Experience

Amy McAuley has over ten years of litigation experience in both the private and public sectors of child and family law, and has been exclusively practicing family law for the past seven years. She also has an additional ten years of experiences in social services and mental health, and continues to serve as a Court Approved Child Representative. This unique combination of experience and skill make her the perfect family law attorney Illinois you can have both trust and confidence in. Attorney McAuley is ready to help you move forward and reach the best solution for your family.

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