Get a Sound Strategic Approach from McAuley Family Law

Although it may be best to reach a solution outside the courtroom when it comes to matters of parenting duties after a divorce, there are many instances where an attorney is required to enforce the rules on issues such as time-sharing, child support or spousal support. You need a skillful family law attorney by your side to negotiate child custody terms or challenge an unfavorable outcome.

The right guidance and strategic planning will lead to success. McAuley Family Law, a family law firm based in Barrington, Illinois, has years of experience dealing with family law cases involving child custody issues. I am in the best position to provide clients in Illinois with the legal advice they need to get their child custody case resolved, keeping the best interests of the children in mind.

By taking a professional and detail-oriented approach to your child custody issue, I will come to a solution that focuses on the best interests of the child, which at the end of the day, is every parent’s main concern.

Child Custody Law in Illinois

The family court judge in the State of Illinois determines the custody arrangement by consideration various factors, including

  • The stability in the child’s life
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Continuing contact
  • Relationship with siblings or extended family members
  • Instances of any abuse
  • The parent’s ability to meet the emotional needs of the child

When it comes to resolving disputes that fall under family law, you will need the services of a specialist in family law. Whether it’s coming to a child custody arrangement, or making your partner realize their parental responsibilities, I am the attorney for the job.

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