The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) handles cases of allegations that deal with abuse, neglect or foster care issues regarding minors. In the State of Illinois, a DCFS report can quickly turn into a criminal investigation, putting you and your family at risk. DCFS allegations can have devastating, long-lasting impacts on your family or career, which is why you need the best legal advice and representation you can get.

If the DCFS Report is Unfounded, I Can Make Your Case

I am here to guide you through a stressful DCFS investigation. Since fighting a DCFS investigation is a skill-oriented task, you are going to need an experienced family law attorney who not only has referred to DCFS cases in the past, but is also compassionate, and understands the importance of the need to communicate effectively during the DCFS proceedings.

If you do find yourself facing an Illinois judge for DCFS matters, then you are going to need the legal knowledge and experience that I possess. I encourage you to speak with more than one attorney to ensure you find someone with a winning track record when it comes to issues regarding DCFS matters – someone having a unique blend of experience in social work and management – and most importantly, someone with thorough knowledge of Illinois law, especially regarding matters pertaining to DCFS. I am confident I will be uniquely qualified to handle your DCFS case.

Effective Legal Counsel by a Skilled Attorney

All too often, good parents, or childcare providers find themselves having to face the DCFS, which could have a detrimental impact on one’s life. An encounter with the DCFS is to be taken seriously since the aftermath could lead to breaking up a family or losing your professional license. Whether it has occurred as a result of a family turmoil (involving a vindictive relative, partner or spouse), or is simply the result of a misunderstanding or an overzealous third party. At McAuley Family Law, my extensive experience within the child welfare system provides clients with a keen advantage when they are faced with the horrors of accusations of abuse or neglect. If you have become involved with DCFS and want to protect your rights and those of your family, you can count on me for the right legal guidance and representation to protect your rights.

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At McAuley Family Law, you will find that I treat all my clients with compassion and also provide the personal attention each one of them deserves: If you find yourself in a legal matter with the DCFS, schedule a free consultation by calling me today at 224-633-3320 or clicking here.