As the name implies, a division of property is the division of capital assets of a married couple following a divorce. Since the legal steps that need to be taken to calculate the appropriate amount of property division and asset protection is complex and does not require a simple mathematical equation, you will need the skills of a professional attorney who can help guide you through the process and give you the proper legal representation you need.

Division of Assets in Illinois – What You Need to Know

In the State of Illinois, the property of a married couple is divided under the law of equitable distribution during a divorce. This means that a couple’s assets and property is not divided 50-50. The property and other asset accumulation during the period of the marriage is subject to what is known as an equitable distribution, which means the court will divide the property and assets of a married couple equally once they file for a divorce in Illinois.

Get Experienced Legal Counsel for Your Case

As a specialist in family law concerning division of assets, I have the necessary experience needed to guide you through the process of property division after a divorce. The guidance and advice you will receive under the framework of McAuley Family Law will ensure you are able to avoid any drawbacks of the division of property and get the proper asset protection for the long term. Getting the right representation doesn’t just get you your fair share of the home or other physical possessions, a good family lawyer such as myself will work tirelessly to help reach those goals while limiting your emotional stress during this difficult time.

Dealing with Complex High Asset Divorces

Before any marriage can be dissolved, all marital property must be divided. This process starts with asset discovery. I have experience and litigation skills needed to handle high asset and complex divorces.

Issues include:

  • Business valuation and identification of under-valuation
  • Retirement distribution including 401(k)s, pensions, and IRAs
  • Identification and protection of non-marital property such as inheritance
  • Location of hidden assets
  • Identification of disguised income
  • Forensic accounting

It’s important to be confident that ALL of your marital assets are on the table before parties can begin the process of equitable distribution. As a skilled and experienced attorney, I am here to go through all your options when it comes to the equal distribution of division of property and asset protection. It is important to note that an “equal distribution” does not mean one which you consider to be equal, but rather one which the court deems fair after the careful consideration of several factors.

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