Grandparents play a significant, indispensable role in their grandchildren’s lives. Grandchildren and grandparents form a unique and special bond, which needs to be respected even after the parents file for divorce. Unfortunately, it’s the children and the grandparents who often suffer for decisions made by the parents. Grandparents can lose their privilege to visit their grandchildren. To McAuley Family Law, this is unacceptable. But, what should you do about it?

Grandparent’s Rights in the State of Illinois

In the State of Illinois, a 1981 visitation law granted grandparents the right to spend time with their grandchildren. But the law has been plagued with legal loopholes since its inception. Initially, grandparents could gain access to their grandchildren if one or both parents were deceased or incarcerated. With the rise of unusual cases regarding grandparents’ rights in Illinois, the issue grew more complex, with grandparents having to face many legal challenges before they could get access to their grandchildren. A U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2000 made matters worse for grandparents seeking visitation rights in practically every state. The law concerning grandparent’s rights was modified again in 2007; this is the law that governs this particular area in the State of Illinois today.

How Can McAuley Family Law Help You?

Even after further amendments to the visitation law for grandparents, seeking visitation rights isn’t easy for grandparents. As a grandparent residing in Illinois, you have the right to petition for custody of your grandchildren after a death, divorce, or incarceration of the parents. Grandparents can also file a petition for the custody of their grandchildren if the parents are deemed unfit for the proper rearing of their children. It is up to the grandparent to realize and understand their rights for spending time with their grandchildren does not come to an end just because the parents of the child decided to part ways somewhere down the line.

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