In the State of Illinois, when a married couple divorces, either spouse has the right to ask the court to grant them maintenance. Also referred to as ‘spousal support’ or ‘alimony’ maintenance, is the payment made from one spouse to the other for support in situations involving one spouse who is unable to fully provide for themselves financially.

Maintenance is one of the most bitterly contested matters in a divorce, which is why you should hire an experienced family law attorney if you find yourself in this situation.

Maintenance / Alimony Laws in Illinois

Traditionally, maintenance is granted to a spouse seeking financial support for themselves. In other cases, alimony is granted to spouses who sacrificed education or career during the marriage so their spouse could focus on their own education or career. This can lead to an extremely difficult situation if the couple decides to divorce.

Alimony arrangements can have profound impacts on the life of both the receiver and provider. While either party can demand alimony during a divorce, there have been cases where the maintenance payments have been granted to the person who was not rightfully entitled to them.

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