It’s not uncommon for divorced couples to seek a modification of the initial divorce agreement months or years after the split. Sometimes these modifications are warranted since life is full of surprises. On the other hand, some requests for modification of a divorce agreement are not at all warranted. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, you will need a family law attorney skilled in post-divorce agreement modification.

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Having years of experience in the area of family law, McAuley Family Law is in the best position to guide clients through the process of negotiating post-divorce agreement modifications. With a firm dedication and commitment to serve people who request a modification due to the changing parenting needs and increase in expense, I will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get to fulfill your parental responsibilities with an adequately modified divorce agreement. This also includes contesting a demand for modification to the initial divorce agreement. I have experience in various post-divorce agreement modifications and can help get you the outcome you seek. Below are post-divorce modifications I specialize in:

Custody Agreement Modifications

Under Illinois State Law, there should be a change in the circumstances of the individuals who are requesting a modification. In circumstances where the ex-spouse is looking to file for a modification in the written agreement within two years of filing the divorce, they are required to prove a serious endangerment if the requested modification(s) to the agreement is not agreed upon by the court. The Illinois court can grant a modification to the initial custody agreement if:

  • There’s evidence of domestic violence
  • There has been a change to the existing circumstances (of the parent or children)
  • Either one of the parents wishes to relocate
  • Either parent has a drug or alcohol problem

Divorce Judgment Modifications

A change in the lives of an ex-partner could be reason enough for them to request or demand a modification to the initial divorce judgement. While the law understands that nothing remains the same, and the financial needs of adults and children change over time, you will still need the proper advice and representation to get the initial judgement modified to suit your requirements. The modifications may include changes to spousal support, custody or child support or child or parent relocation.

Reasons for modification of spousal support include; A change in the health of the benefiting spouse. Circumstances such as getting a high paying job, or losing a job and their source of income. Either spouse may also seek a termination of the initial divorce agreement regarding the maintenance award to the other, which also requires professional oversight to reach a favorable resolution.

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