If you and your partner have a child together out of wedlock, you need to address the issue of parentage during a divorce. A paternity test not only establishes parentage of the child, but can also lead to settlement of other serious issues such as child custody, child support or alimony. A typical paternity case involves a simple DNA test in order to determine the father of the child in circumstances where the parentage of the child is not known, due to either having a child out of wedlock or being intimate with more than one partner.

I have years of experience in issues of paternity, and can help you establish or contest parentage, to resolve issues regarding allocation of parental responsibilities such as child support. Based in Barrington, Illinois, I am your first step to establishing paternity agreements both inside and outside the courtroom. While the process of obtaining paternity results may seem expensive and complex, having a skillful attorney by your side will provide you with the best chance to obtain a favorable outcome.

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Once paternity has been determined, I will move forward to any legal proceedings for the allocation of parental responsibilities. The matter of paternity can be filed by either spouse. You can get the necessary advice and guidance you need from McAuley Family Law. You can also contact me to discuss your options even before the birth of your child if you have decided to have a child with a person out of marriage.

Men who believe they are a child’s biological father can legitimize their claim by contacting me for the protection of their rights. Under my guidance, you will be able to establish a parenting agreement that will serve your best interests. On the other hand, if you do not believe that you are the biological father of a child and you are subject to a demand for child support or alimony by a previous partner, I will represent your right to take paternity action.

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